A New-Wave Playlist to Ease Yourself Out of Your Mental Apathy Prison!

Is life a struggle? Does brushing your teeth feel like a triathlon? Do the reports you fill out at work cause you to slip into a mannequin-like state of utter blankness? When you get home does your dog roll its eyes instead of wagging its tail because you’re seriously such a fucking downer? I wishContinue reading “A New-Wave Playlist to Ease Yourself Out of Your Mental Apathy Prison!”

Podcast Minute – The Mental Illness Happy Hour & #PodcastDay

It’s #PodcastDay in the Twitterverse! I decided to force myself out of my self-imposed anxiety-fueled hiatus from blogging to spread the word about one of my favorite podcasts, The Mental Illness Happy Hour with host, Paul Gilmartin. I found this podcast in a fit of desperation about a year and a half ago. I hadContinue reading “Podcast Minute – The Mental Illness Happy Hour & #PodcastDay”

Vinegar is Not a Coping Skill

Hello dear readers. It’s been a while. I haven’t felt the need to write. My brain is devoid of any worthwhile ideas. My beta fish and I have more things in common than I do with any other humans. I just swim around by myself, hide behind my plastic plant, and wait for food. AsContinue reading “Vinegar is Not a Coping Skill”

Friday Fixations #8

This week…consisted of a lot of wine and feeling like a slug. I don’t know, man. I’m just here for my sanity. Or maybe as a result of my insanity? I don’t have a list of fascinating weekly tidbits at the ready so get ready for a downer! When Showering is Hard I’m gross sometimes.Continue reading “Friday Fixations #8”


This week has been exhausting for no particular reason. I haven’t been feeling creative or motivated or anything other than anxious, irritable, and sad. In lieu of a Friday Fixation here’s my contribution the hash tag going around the Twitterverse, #TheWorstPartofDepressionIs. For me, I’m less depressed, more anxious but I think this is a goodContinue reading “#TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs”

Self-Love and Self-Loathing

I’m pretty well certain my brain is me. When it dies, I die. It’s the only one I’ve got. My brain changed from birth through my Western hemispheric upbringing, my overall health, and my use of drugs and alcohol. My brain is my “self” and every day different cells die and my synapses shift andContinue reading “Self-Love and Self-Loathing”

The Depression Diet: Eating for Body and Mind via The Untitled – A Promo Post!

Today my article about nutrition and depression for The Untitled Magazine online went live and I think any of my followers who are into bettering their mental health might like to check it out! I have personally tried all of the diet recommendations I listed in the article and so far the 5-HTP supplements areContinue reading “The Depression Diet: Eating for Body and Mind via The Untitled – A Promo Post!”

Friday Fixations #2

Hey people! This week has been humid as shit in NY so you know what that means…lots of sweaty thoughts. A¬†general sense of discomfort and grime sure makes for good bloggin’ don’t you think? Onto my fixations for the week! Orange is the New Black (No Spoilers!) So I’m not going to go too deepContinue reading “Friday Fixations #2”