Friday Fixations #10

It’s a Friday and I am too scattered to finish anything I’ve started writing. A couple things are in the works; partially on Google docs, partially in notebooks, and partially in the recesses of my brain that only seem to activate on crowded subway platforms when my hands can’t reach a writing device. I’m not making any promises but in case you were rooting for the demise of my creative drive you can fuck off because I’m doing shit…slowly.

New York has descended into a polar vortex of frigid temperatures this weekend so I’m ready to load up my teapot and get back to the old grind. Here are a few things I’ve been mulling over this week.

jou4cd2mx1lguYoga Makes Me Sob

Begrudgingly, I have been attending a weekly “candlelight yoga” class at my gym. The class isn’t too complicated and the lights are dim enough that I feel comfortable going. Even though I used to dance ballet en pointe in my teen years, every ounce of balance and muscle control has faded from my body and I spend most of my time as a teetering warrior/dog/mountain. Technique aside, it has been useful in calming my mind down for a couple hours. On more than one occasion during class I have started to cry. I can’t say how noticeable it has been but at least I didn’t fart? Feelings are weird. Be warned before you stretch. Bring tissues.


Christine and the Queens

I had the privilege of seeing the noticeably 80’s inspired (more specifically MJ inspired?), electropop “en francais” musician, Christine and the Queens, open for Marina and the Diamonds back in November. Her show was filled with all my favorite things; choreographed dance moves, Chaka Khan samples, and songs about queer kid fashion. I was pleased to find her most recent album available on Spotify and have been bumping her song Tilted most of the week. Check her out if you’re a fan of 80’s of pop and cute French ladies in suits.

beauty-queenDrop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva, a Lifetime show about a skinny model that dies and  jumps into the body of a “plus size” lawyer, has sneakily taken over my life. I know what you’re thinking,  “Wow, that sounds ridiculous and kind offensive.” but promise you’ll stay with me. I was more than skeptical starting out but the musical numbers and witty banter took hold within the first 3 episodes and I was hooked. It’s like a combination of Legally Blonde and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. Every character is well formed and hilarious. If Brooke Elliot, the star of the show, doesn’t get a new gig soon I will be sorely disappointed. The show ended in 2014 and I am eternally grateful I can still experience its saccharine silliness.

That’s all for me. Keep on keepin’ on.

♥ Rachel







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