Friday Fixations #9

Wednesday lunch view on 9th ave

Wednesday lunch view on 9th ave

It’s tolerable outside and I actually have social plans this weekend! Time to break out the conversation skills and dance moves because this chick is getting off her couch…maybe. Here are some things I’ve been pondering while not socializing during the week.

Women’s Equality Day

Apparently Women’s Equality Day exists in conjunction with National Dog Day, so bitches unite I guess? This 1971 holiday is an observance of the ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920. We’re taught in school that on this day, women all across the country gained the right to vote but, as most things learned from textbooks, that wasn’t really the case. In theory, the amendment applied to women of all races but in reality many women of color were barred from the ballot box because of oppressive state laws and white supremacist terrorism. In fact, many of the women we are taught to look up to were supporters of white supremacy. This awesome piece by Mallory Ortberg at The Toast from last year perfectly captures the hypocritical origins of the suffrage and later feminist movement. The article shows the racist leanings of many women though of as feminist leaders. What interested me most about this was how similar it is to modern-day white feminist sentiments, though the use of the word “negro” is thankfully not as prevalent. It’s funny how white women still seem to parce out race into a different category as if women of color do not exist. So many mentions of the “scary black man” with zero consideration of the black woman.

peibyMy Dog is Better!

YAY! Isn’t she cute? I am happy to report Ivy’s urine is back to being yellow. Also I think she has a future in modeling. Maybe I’m just a stage mom. Whatever, my dog is adorable.

Shoulder Knots are Not Like Garlic Knots

I got a deep tissue massage yesterday at my go-to Bay Ridge spot, Heavenly Body Works, and I am sore as shit. Something about the initial pain makes the process more appealing to me as someone who can’t relax. I know within the next 24 hours I will be softer than a bowl of buttered noodles but now I feel like tenderized meat. I always tell myself I should go every month but it usually ends up being every 3 months. In that time I work up enough knots in my shoulders and neck so it feels like my masseuse is pushing jagged pieces of gravel back and forth under my skin. Body maintenance is taxing sometimes.

200_sSelf Medication, a Celebration!

I’ve forced myself into a dry spell indefinitely this week after getting tired of having to haul baskets of empty Barefoot Pinot Grigio bottles down to my recycling bins in the basement of my building. OK, maybe there are other reasons I’m taking a break from drinking, one of them being that I have made some good strides to accepting my anxieties and allowing myself to exist without feeling shame about what I should/could/would do if I were only “less anxious.” For every wine-filled lady-centric meme on the internet and every episode of The Real Housewives, there are real women out there who probably, like me, are just self-medicating under the thin veil of “relaxation.” A glass of wine (OK, 3 glasses) is great, but in reality it doesn’t do much to help anxiety. If anything it increases it and messes up your sleep schedule, and dehydrates you, and makes you depressed. I’m hoping I can take it easy for a bit so maybe soon I can treat myself instead of having boxed arsenic juice on tap just to survive.

Hope you can all take some time to relax this weekend with or without wine. Humidity is going down and sweater season is on its way so get into introverts! Start stock piling your crafts, crock pot recipes, and book selection now!
♥ Rachel


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