Friday Fixations #8

This week…consisted of a lot of wine and feeling like a slug. I don’t know, man. I’m just here for my sanity. Or maybe as a result of my insanity? I don’t have a list of fascinating weekly tidbits at the ready so get ready for a downer!

When Showering is Hard

1z6ts8i1I’m gross sometimes. I guess in the grand scheme of things, skipping a few days of full-body bathing isn’t that big of a deal, Americans are notorious over-washers so I really shouldn’t feel guilty about it. This week I’ve had the thought “I should shower,” hours go by, “I’ll just wash my makeup off,” more hours, “I am accepting my fate of sleeping in my own face-grease.” I have acne prone skin and if I don’t scrub away my daily bb cream the results are not always pretty, but honestly, this week my supply of fucks to give is at a critical low so…screw you hygiene police.

Vet Bills

img-thingMy beloved pup had some issues this week that sent me spiraling into an anxiety doom cycle until I was able to take her to the vet over the weekend. I honestly didn’t get many clear answers, she probably just has a good old fashioned UTI but she could have a kidney or bladder stone. No fever, no other symptoms other than BLOOD IN HER PEE. It’s kind of getting better now that she’s on antibiotics but she might have to go back for more tests…so now I have to go back into maxed out credit card life after I was just starting to feel good about my frugal spending habits and payment plan I worked out. This is making me realize how much I don’t want children. I think I would implode. Word to the wise, caring about things is a rough game to play, avoid if possible

The Sopranos

9093537008_658ae10520_bI’ve been making my way through the series and it’s certainly not motivating me to get out of bed but maybe I can justify it due to the cultural significance? The show still feels current but is wonderfully nostalgic to me because I was about the same age as Anthony Jr. when the show started. So many good late 90’s references and horrible mom fashions. I’ve also fallen in love with Paulie Walnuts and his general ridiculousness. Totally ready to binge this weekend.

Sea Sirens

You allllllready know how much of an autumn loving girl I am and Halloween is part of it. I’ve been stocking up my Pinterest board with ideas for this year. Right now, I’m feeling a sea siren look. This tutorial by Glam & Gore has me obsessed with an evil mermaid look. Something about lurking in the depths of the ocean to bring sailors to their deaths seems endlessly appealing. I like that this look has fantasy elements, fishy elements, and gore elements.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Here’s to hoping my lethargy subsides a little now that autumn is on the horizon. Good vibes to all of you, I gotta go shower now.

♥ Rachel


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