Friday Fixations #7

Hormones suck, am I right ladies? This week I’ve continued to white-water raft down my anxiety river! Thankfully on this Friday I’m slightly less weepy and slightly more aware that I am not, in fact, swirling into a current of death. I’m feeling human again. Human enough to over-analyze and complain about stuff! YAY!

Weird Hand Bruise

unnamedOn Thursday while typing away at my job, I noticed an odd sore sensation in my hand. Being almost transparently pale, any wound or blemish can easily make me look like the walking dead. I noticed a dark bruise on my right hand on the first knuckle on my little finger. How did I get this? Was it from holding those heavy grocery bags that crush my delicate hand-bones? Did I backhand my girlfriend in my sleep? Did my dog yank me along too hard on her leash when she needed to pee? Now it hurts to write when I rest my hand on the table and I’m convinced something is wrong with my tendon. I need to keep better track of my appendages.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ever

A Pinch Of Yum - CookiesI’m enough of a baker to have a list of go-to cookies. Mostly I’ve been loyal to peanut butter and my all time favorite cranberry white chocolate oatmeal cookies, but sometimes, a chocolate chip cookie craving can’t be replaced. I’ve tried out a few recipes on Pinterest but was beginning to get frustrated, some were too cake-like or too crunchy, others were too complicated. Finally I came across this ridiculously simple and painfully delicious recipe by Pinch of Yum.

These. Are. Perfect. As with most chewy cookies, melting butter is key for this recipe. The author recommends using a mixer but I fared just fine with my rubber spatula. I also favored mini chips over large chunks so the chocolate-y goodness is evenly distributed. These damn things are just too good and too simple to make I’m almost mad about it. If you’re having a rough week like I was, getting to smash some cookie dough and eat the finished product just might lift your spirits.

The New York Public Library

exterior_midmanhattan-1206In an effort to save money, I’ve been bringing my lunch to work every day. I’ve also been trying to avoid ending up at the Herald Square H&M on my break mindlessly buying new sweatpants fashion joggers. It’s hard to work in the garment district because there is nowhere to sit outside that’s not in the blazing sun or already occupied by tourists. I often long for the days when I used to work near Washington Square Park and could take my lunch outside and relax. These days I usually end up eating my microwave burrito at my desk and blogging on my break, but sometimes I need to get outside.

Recently I’ve made the trek up to the mid-Manhattan branch of the NYPL on 5th ave. For the most part, I’m a Brooklyn library loyalist and visit my local branch and the central branch pretty regularly, but NYPL does beat my beloved BKLB on their catalog selection. I look up a book or two in advance since I only have a limited time to browse. Even with the time constraints it’s still worth it to pick up some new reading material and break my impulse shopping habits. Libraries and parks are the last lingering free spaces to entertain yourself and I’m grateful to have at least one of the two at my disposal during the work week.

“Pumpkin-Pei” Treats


Pumpkin is Ivy’s favorite treat. Usually when she’s having tummy troubles I’ll spoon a bit into her kibble to even things out. I ran out of her favorite apple/chicken chewy treats and needed a quick fix to reward my wrinkle faced pup. I simply filled a couple ice cube trays halfway with water and spooned in some canned pumpkin, mixed and froze. Now I have a huge bag of little “pupsicles” that are cheap and will keep Ivy hydrated and cool.

(FYI, this awesome Shar-pei-o-lantern is from a pumpkin-centric artist, Matt. Check out his page if you’re in need of some early Halloween inspo or if you just like seeing really cool things carved into pumpkins.)

That’s it for me! Here’s to a stress free weekend.
♥ Rachel


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