Aesthetic Analysis – My Rainy Morning

I woke up this morning to dark clouds and sheets of rain. After a night of total insomnia on Monday I went to bed early and felt completely soothed by this inclement weather. There’s something soothing about rain especially after long bouts of humidity and mental stress and sleeplessness made worse by said humidity. Coffee and tea tastes better when it’s cold and rainy and books are better too. If you’ve read any of my recent posts you already know how much summer sun ironically puts a damper on my mood, so it’s comforting when the weather gives me a mental break. Today I’ll give myself an “aesthetic analysis” and share my favorite NYC-street-ready summer rain gear with you.

I purchased my go-to umbrella back in my days working at American Apparel and it’s lasted me for years. It’s the perfect size and the auto-open feature is indispensable when you’re walking and a storm catches your by surprise. The duck head handle is just plain cute poking out of my tote bag. I tend to stick with my favorite faux-leather tote from Forever 21 when it’s wet outside to avoid having to cradle my leather bag under my jacket.

When it’s warm but the downpour doesn’t allow for an umbrella alone I reach for my favorite light Uniqlo anorak jacket. The tag says polyester and cotton, but whatever weave-technique they used allows water on this jacket to bead up and dry super fast. I wish they still had these in stock because I would pick up another color for sure.

My brand new “Viken” boots by Tretorn are the first pair of rain boots I’ve ever owned.I avoided rain boots in the past because the ones I tried were clunky and uncomfortable. I always suffered in puddles on days like this. This pair is soft and folds up easily for travel or storage and actually feel like “real” boots when you walk in them.

Today my non-fashion related essentials to enjoying the clouds include Gin-Gins ginger chews to wake up and warm my taste buds and my current read, Daughters of the Witching Hill by Mary Sharratt, to start getting me into “samhain mode.”

Click this to get in a rainy mood even if the sun is shining where you are and be content in the fact that sometimes a little clouds are necessary! I hope you’re enjoying your gloomy Tuesday as much as I am.

Rainy Mood



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