Friday Fixations #6

This. Heat. Is. Awful.

Every week I bitch about the weather like an old woman. I had to get my air conditioning bracket re-installed so I’m waiting on my super and my paycheck to complete the process and it’s been nearly a week without air conditioning. How do people do it? How am I supposed to exist with my thick Buffalo/planet Hoth blood and hair that literally traps heat? But I’m reminded there is hope, it’s almost August! And that means fall is right around the corner!


And that means it’s almost…


…but we’ve got another month till us fashion purists can layer and accessorize enough to fill the holes in our dark souls.

In the meantime, here are some things that have helped get me through this humid, humid, hell of a week.


(Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)I realize I am way late on this show with the hype of the season finale long gone but I’m so glad I decided to give it a try. The show follows a study group at a community college full of weirdos, drop-outs, old people, and general cast-offs.  To me, it combines the heartwarming character types of Parks and Rec with some of the outrageous antics and general inappropriateness seen on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. However, after watching almost the entire series (#noshameinmygame #introvertlife) it’s the one-off crazy episodes that make this show so special. From a totally meta Christmas claymation episode, to a law and order style crime drama episode, to a mind bending conspiracy trip where all the characters discover they might have actually been in a mental institution, this show is anything but formulaic. This show is hilarious and totally weird. Also, if you’re a fan of rapper Childish Gambino it’s fun to see Donald Glover getting comedic. Think Drake in Degrassi but not in a wheelchair, not Canadian, and not for teenagers. If you have Hulu you can stream the entire series – do it!

Broke Cooking

Photo from Budget BytesThere is a big element of creativity that comes with being strapped for cash. This week in particular my food budget was slashed and I was forced to forgo my beloved salads and subsist on microwave burritos and boiled eggs for my work week. I found this amazing recipe via Budget Bytes for yakisoba using instant ramen noodles. I ended up making my favorite tofu recipe from Potentially Lovely instead of chicken and used the marinade to season the noodles instead of what was recommended in the recipe. It turned out superb! It was like home made Chinese take-out only cheaper. All the ingredients, sans tofu, for this recipe cost less than $8 and it was really simple to make. I ended up freezing a bag of chopped cabbage, onion, carrot, and broccoli so next time I want to make this dish I can do it in seconds.

My ‘Peiby’ is Turning 2!

(Ivy in Brooklyn’s blizzard, her natural habitat)

Do I have to talk about my dog every week? The answer is yes. It’s Ivy’s 2nd birthday today! She’s a real lady dog now! Recently there’s been some hype about the cuteness of bear-coat Shar-Pei’s but I like to think my horse-coat sable baby is just as cuddly.  For her birthday I’m planning on making her some pumpkin cupcake treats and making a donation to my favorite Shar-Pei rescue, Pei People! The Shar-Pei is an aloof and stubborn breed with the tendency to be antisocial so proceed with caution when you’re taken by their wrinkles and weirdly hippo-like bristly faces. They’re the best dogs ever for someone who prefers their pup to be loyal and protective.

A Young Doctor’s Notebook

Source: stumbled on this show on Netflix with the thought, “Is that Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe…what is this?” The UK series, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, was adapted from the writings of a real-life doctor practicing in Russia in the early 1900’s at the height of the Russian revolution. The show follows the life of a young English doctor, played by Radcliffe, that ends up in the same situation. The dark comedy in this show is spot on and the barren setting only ads to the juxtaposition of funny bits and real-life historical drama. Jon Hamm plays a future version of the young doctor who hovers around like Jiminy Cricket type to try and warn his younger self about the dangerous addiction he’s developing in his isolated world. This show satiates all my entertainment desires; history, beautiful visuals, great actors, humor, and a healthy amount of gore and death.

Here’s to hoping my A/C will be in working order this weekend and yours is too. Stay cool, people.
♥ Rachel


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