Office Survival – My Tea Drawer

It’s a brand new week, I’m sleepy and coming off of a late night Community marathon on Hulu, and this will be my debut post with my new domain/lease on life as Miss Critique! I’m hoping to dig up some of my long lost website building knowledge to get this place in tip top shape for the soon to be millions of readers. Woooo let’s do this!

Right now, as I sit on my lunch break at my 9-5 grind I’m in need of a boost to get me through the rest of my workday. For me, a well stocked tea supply is essential for productivity in the late afternoon. After lunch I’ll usually brew up a big mug of something to help me digest and relax after a espresso-filled morning.

I’ve been a tea drinker since my mom let me have the ceramic animals that came inside the “Red Rose” tea box. I felt extra fancy on the mornings when she would let me have a cup of black tea with milk. This is how ladies started their days, I thought. Being a “lady” now myself I’ve mostly forgone morning tea. I find that when I need to power through work or a crazy day of errands, coffee is the only thing that does the trick.

image1However, to relax or refresh I’ll always drink tea. I have a different flavor for every need whether it’s ginger for upset stomach, chai tea for a boost of energy, white tea with cucumber to cool down, green tea with jasmine to feel serene, and good old PG tips black tea for when I just want tea.

I also keep ginger candies to chew on and also to put in my ginger tea for double the burn. I try and snag honey packets wherever I go so I don’t have to squeeze out a messy blob of it and have sticky fingers all day. Finally I have a couple packets of Theraflu to mix with my ginger tea when at work sickness strikes.

I noticed that when I’m at home I don’t drink nearly as much tea as I do when I’m at work. I guess I don’t need the calming as much when I’m in my own domain. What’s your favorite tea to sip at work?


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