Friday Fixations #5

This Friday I’m getting my career moves going. I’ve been focused on taking charge of my success in the career landscape and I’m feeling good.

Hustle Summit


Tonight I’ll be attending the Hustle Summit career networking event hosted by Findspark! I’m pretty nervous about it for all the reasons stated in my blog header but I’m pushing through my mental blocks and automatic thoughts and setting goals for the night. Findspark has some pretty great resources on their website so my confidence improving. My business cards from Moo look super cute, I got a new dress, and I have plenty of questions to ask recruiters. Not much else to do now besides breathe and try not to babble once I get face to face with any potential employers or business contacts. It’s my goal to get more information on possible editorial positions, find out what I need to get them, and let the rest fall where it may. I’ll most likely be blogging about it after to be ready for some real-life networkin’ stories and personal tips.

My Dog May Hate Summer More Than Me

IMG_1814My mini Shar-pei, Ivy, is so not here for this humidity. In the fall she romps through crunchy leaves, in the winter she bounds over snowdrifts, and in the spring she splashes into mud puddles…but in the summer, this bitch is tired. I can walk her to the park across the street and after about 15 minutes of sniffing, one poo and one pee later, she’s foaming at the mouth and breathing as if I made her complete a triathlon. Shar-peis are known to get overheated easily, there’s even such a thing called “Shar-pei fever” where they make themselves hyperventilate, not fun. I try and take her out early in the morning or when the sun goes down like some sort of furry vampire. My dog’s lack of energy is comforting to me. For some, winter is the time of hibernation, but for my little family, summer seems like a better time to stay indoors and lick our ‘Pupsicles’ and Popsicles respectively.

Bojack Horseman Season 2

bojack-image.0No spoilers! I am so happy this Netflix series is back again! Being among the growing number of cable-free folks, good original series available to stream are like gold. I’ve watched the first season a few times already and I love it. I’m hoping this season we’ll see more awesomely weird animal-sapiens with epic comedic voices. Half of the fun of the show is the animation style and seeing how animal traits influence these weird hybrid beasts. This is totally going to be my weekend binge material.

Well, looks I’m one fixation short, guess I’ll have to obsess extra hard next week. Until then, happy networking, binge watching, and summer lounging to you all!

♥ Rachel


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