Friday Fixations #3

Holiday weeks are the best weeks! Ain’t nothin’ better than a Friday off. This week, as we all plunge into July and land deep in summer, I’m taking my time to mull a few things over.

Summer Kinda Sucks

aqua_teen_hunger_force_004It does. For pasty, northern natives like me, summer isn’t all its cracked up to be. Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon but summer lost its appeal once it no longer guaranteed a three month vacation. Summers as a kid were the best; family vacations, eating rainbow sherbet for three meals a day, staying out all night with your friends, those things are what memories are made of. Now, summer means either showering multiple times a day or paying ridiculous electric bills when the air conditioner is blasting. I hate being sweaty more than anything. It’s one thing to sweat after a day running around at the park or the beach, but when you’re sweating as you’re putting on your pants in the morning…summer feels like hell. Maybe if I had a vacation planned I’d be more jazzed. The free events that pop up during the summer are always a perk of city living, but really, it’s just a let down. I hate breezy summer clothes (give me a structured jacket any day over a maxi dress) and I hate shaving. I also hate having to wear contacts in order to put on sunglasses. Summer is barely a few weeks in and I’m already tired of pretending like I’m having fun. The struggle is real.

“Red Moon” by Benjamin Percy

15791107This week I finished listening to the audio version of “Red Moon” by Benjamin Percy. I found out about this book by way of a recommendation by Stephen King and was delighted to find the MP3 version was available on my Overdrive app. This book is more of a political novel than a werewolf story and you can definitely tell it was written during the height of the USA’s Bush years and the beginning of the Iraq war. I think it’s cool that the author reads the audio version. Sometimes that doesn’t go so well but Percy has a voice and pace that’s deep and engaging. This book kept me company at the gym this week and I’d recommend it to anyone that likes action, politics, and gore.



Avocados have risen to kale-like status among foodies and Instagram lovers alike. I like them alright but this week in an attempt to embrace the summer, I’ve been eating them a lot. This week I picked up a chicken and avocado salad from my favorite lunch spot, Pret A Manger. It really hits the spot being filling, delicious, and something I can feel smugly self-satisfied about with all its omega-3’s and protein. For my dinners this week I’ve been kicking back with a Skinny Girl Margarita and mashing up my own home-made guac’ and chips. Best dinner ever.

“Boardwalk Empire” on HBO

Boardwalk-Empire-2Boardwalk Empire” makes me so grateful for HBO Go and the ability to start shows from the beginning. After my beloved “Mad Men” came to an end this year I had a void of debauchery and drama in a period TV show. I’m still on season one but I’m already hooked. The set designs and views of 1920’s New Jersey and New York are fascinating, not to mention the detailed costuming throughout the show. “Boardwalk Empire” shows how capitalism really took off in the 1920’s and how America was rocketed into the modern age on the backs of criminals. This weekend in lieu of fireworks I’m planning on binge watching some more of this in preparation for the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island coming up in August!

Happy 4th of July, happy summer, and happy Friday! Stay cool, dudes.

♥ Rachel


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