We Did It!

In high school when the USA was in the height of our Bush years I thought the government was totally against me. I was filled with teenage cynicism and believed that the future was hopeless.

Even after the relief of Obama’s election I was still not convinced that my sense of apathy was unwarranted. Nothing would change, I thought. I remember back in 2010 taking a trip with my campus LGBTQ group to help lobby in Albany for marriage equality. I can’t believe that was only five short years ago and at the time I believed that total marriage equality across the USA was something I would be celebrating in my thirties if things went well.

Democracy is an imperfect system and change can take a long time to work its way through the bureaucracy but today’s supreme court victory gives me hope that we are making strides towards a more equal future.

We’ve got a long way to go but let’s celebrate today! WE DID IT!

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