Friday Fixations #2

Hey people! This week has been humid as shit in NY so you know what that means…lots of sweaty thoughts. A general sense of discomfort and grime sure makes for good bloggin’ don’t you think? Onto my fixations for the week!

Orange is the New Black (No Spoilers!)



So I’m not going to go too deep into this because I didn’t actually finish the whole season and I might actually want to write something longer about the show, but I did binge a bit this week. I have to say, from the portion of season 3 I’ve consumed over the week I’m not jazzed about it. I don’t know if it’s the let down after so much anticipation or the classic “Jenji Kohan destroying all sense of character after a couple good seasons” trend (Weeds! *cough*cough*) but it just felt like maybe she and the writers were over-thinking things? This season’s “social justice messages” were so obviously inserted into the plot-line it felt more like an episode of “Degrassi” than a show taking place in a prison. There were still some good laughs but overall it fell flat for me. I ended up watching season 5 of “The L Word” after a few hard ciders it was that boring.

None of My Pants Fit

Loosey goosey.

Loosey goosey.

Here we go…I’m turning this into a diet/body shame/gross blog and I don’t want to, but seriously, none of my pants fit me. Neither do my collection of vintage leather and suede mini skirts and that’s just wrong. I’ve been lucky enough to have a pretty steady weight without much effort but my desk job, GrubHub app, and mental state over the past year or so are all coming together in my waistline. I’m trying not to be negative about it but it’s really depressing to someone who seeing a little light at the end of the anxiety/depression tunnel only to find that I am eternally doomed to wear leggings. Thank whatever fashion gods that made drawstring joggers and wide leg palazzo pants trendy this summer because there is no way I can fit into my denim shorts. I snagged a pair of super 70’s glam wide leg elastic waist pants at H&M for $10 just so I wouldn’t have to wash my same pair of extra stretchy jeans every week. The struggle is real. Hoping next week will be a post about the wondrous land of not eating Domino’s cheesey bread and going to the gym. Woo! : |

Espresso at Culture 36


Get in my belly.

I’m not a coffee snob. After all, it is in my DNA to love Starbucks as a white woman, so I don’t even try and lie about it. But this week I’ve been having fun staying up too late and waking up in a death fog of exhaustion (Isn’t anxiety fun?!) so I’ve been craving a lot of caffeine. Usually I grab a dollar cup o’ joe at my local bodega to enjoy on the commute to work. They actually have a pretty strong brew and they don’t judge me when I pay in nickels and dimes. This week on a particularly tiring day I was going to treat myself to an afternoon cappuccino from Pret a Manger at lunch but their espresso machine was broken so I was forced to look elsewhere for my caffeine. The garment district is a mixed bag when it comes to food, plenty of chain places which can be fine for a quick lunch but everything there is generally done in a hurry. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble on Culture 36 on my way back up to 8th ave and let me tell you, my prayers were answered. I don’t know a thing about espresso but that latte. THAT LATTE THOUGH. That latte gave me the will to fight another day. Apparently this place has a couple locations in the city so please, check them out if you’re weary and in need of steamed milk to lift your spirits.

Vitacost and Faith

Bacteria blessing.

Bacteria blessing.

I just got a ton of probiotics, omega-3’s, 5-htp, and super intense multivitamins off Vitacost and I am pumped about it. I don’t know how long I will be able to sustain this supplement regimen and the skeptic part of me that’s read the peer-reviewed medical journals about how most of this stuff has only marginal benefits really wants to rain on my parade but I’m not letting it happen. I’m going to try and track my intake to see if my mood improves from my new healthy gut bacteria and influx of tryptophan. We non-believers need some kind of delusion in our lives, am I right?

This weekend I’m hoping to bake banana muffins and get my eyebrows waxed. Hope you’ll all have an equally productive and enjoyable end of your week.



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