Aesthetic Analysis – Mariah Carey

The butterfly queen, the glitter diva, the HBIC, will always be MC to me. I love pretty much anyone who could be considered a 90’s pop diva with the pipes to back it up. Few things are more joyful than belting out “Vision of Love” as you speed down the highway, so sure that you’re hitting every note.

Mariah Carey is somewhat of a caricature now when it comes to her style. She still rocks butterfly everything and will show up in a form fitting mini dress no matter what the occasion. (Except on the subway, that requires a floor-length gown.) Gaudy? Yes. Age Inappropriate? Maybe. Ill Fitting? Absolutely.

1401452980_mariah-carey-articleIt is for those specific reasons why Mariah’s aesthetic is so appealing. While stars like Madonna are raiding Miley Cyrus’ wardrobe of spunky street-wear to try and remain relevant, Mariah is stuck in her own 90’s world of pastels and glitter and the authenticity is refreshing. Her music has morphed through the decades to keep up with the times but her look has remained as 100% diva and nothing else.

I remember seeing her episode of “MTV Cribs” and being in total awe. Her persona is cemented in everything she does from her walk-in shoe closet to her home’s palatial interior design. Her over the top sense of glamour is what’s missing in today’s celebrities. I’m tired of tastefulness. I don’t want to see stars wearing J.Crew and H&M, I want my divas in diamonds. We should be thanking Mariah every day for her commitment to keeping glitz and unabashed eleganza in pop music.

How to Get the Look


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