Friday Fixations #1

This Friday and hopefully every Friday to come I’ll be sharing a few of my fixations over the week. These could be anything from ideas, clothes, food, TV shows, or a certain thing my dog is doing at the moment. This post is an attempt to make my obsessions a little more productive or interesting…or at least to get them out of my head.



This week I did a lot of thinking about my career and in addition to my usual job/freelance project seeking antennae I took the plunge and spent some cash on a networking event by the lovely people at Findspark! “The Hustle Summit” will take place on July 17th but that didn’t stop me from quietly freaking out in advance. I got some pretty awesome business cards ready from Moo and I’m digging into all the companies that will be there. This will be the first networking thing I’ve done since graduating which is a little embarrassing but I’m back in the saddle now…so buckle up y’all?

Gibson Girl Hair


This week I’ve been dipping into hairstyles from some of my favorite fashion time periods. Now that my locks are longer and I’m attempting to care for my curls instead of ironing them away I’ve found that Victorian and Edwardian hairstyles are very fitting for my hair type. I like how loose and romantic these styles are and how practical they are when your hair is being less than cooperative. I’ve been poking around Pinterest for different tutorials and tips but hands down the best site I’ve found to capture my inner Gibson Girl is “Locks of Elegance“, a blog dedicated to early era vintage hair tutorials. Whether you’re a steampunk fan, a gothic lolita, or if you just want to feel extra romantic with curls piled on your head, definitely check out this blog.

The Ortho Sandal Explosion


It’s no secret that this past summer Birkenstocks and all other comfort sandals previously reserved for old women and hippies were getting a high fashion bump and let me tell you, I am 110% ON IT! Now that the dreaded New York humidity is in full swing I have been forgoing my too flat, zero arch support, “less-than-an inch of leather between your foot and sidewalk pee”, sandals for unapologetic comfort sandals. My Birkenstock Rio’s I got from Urban Outfitters last summer are in need of a bit of cleaning but they’re still my go-to summer shoe. I recently got a couple pairs of slide sandals from DSW to give my baby Birks a break sometimes. My favorite current pair is by New Balance and they practically mold to my feet. Plus they’re gold and match my pedicure which is always a plus in my book.




I’ve been known to slip in an out of total vegetarian eating and dabbling in chicken wings every now and then but recently I’ve been trying to get back into a mainly plant based diet. Tofu always seems to be the first thing baby vegetarians try and eat and it usually tastes like a wet eraser. I’m pretty well versed in my tofu preparation skills but in the past few years I’ve favored seitan for its superior texture and marinade absorbing abilities. I decided to give tofu another try after finding this recipe for ginger sesame glazed tofu. It was simply perfect. I love how crispy and burnt the tofu strips got from the brown sugar and ended up eating most of it sans rice or veggies, like a piece of vegetarian jerky.

Here’s to a fixation free weekend!




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