Aesthetic Analysis – Marc Maron

Welcome to the first ever in Miss Critique’s first ever (soon to be world-renowned) Aesthetic Analysis post! I will attempt to make this a regular thing to break up my self-involved ramblings and explore something else I am passionate about – pretty things and people! This is not strictly a fashion post, there are much better blogs about fashion out there, think of it more as a break-down of a curated band of misfits that I happen to think have an interesting outlook on the world.


This week I swim the troubled, caffeinated, waters of Marc Maron’s, painfully self-aware, vintage aesthetic! About a two years ago I looked into the “WTF” podcast after seeing Marc Maron on an episode of “Louie.” I was curious about this man, it seemed like Louis C.K. was the Paris Hilton to Marc Maron’s Nicole Richie. The “frienemy” drama alone was enough to make me subscribe on iTunes. Since becoming a regular “WTF” listener I’ve learned to appreciate Maron for more than his connections to comedy A-listers. To some, his long rambling pre-interview monologues are difficult to sit through but for many of his neurotic comedy nerd followers his words carry a special comfort. His troubling obsessions and addictions are a warm blanket to those of us who ruminate if for nothing else other than to know we are not alone.

Maron has shared with his listeners the lengths he’s had to go in order to find himself comedically, in his personal life, and aesthetically. It’s this troubled journey that gives Marc Maron’s style, which could be brushed off as just another “aging hipster” look, the authenticity that only comes with being a grown-ass man with demons to work through. Anyone could buy a plaid shirt and Levi’s and grab a pair of Warby Parker frames to try and pull off this look, but without the wit and the worry, it wouldn’t feel the same.

How to Get the Look

Brands: Warby Parket, Levi’s, Untuckit shirts, Ben & Jerry’s, Gibson

Vintage Decades: 1970’s California, 1950’s Beat Generation & Jazz, 1990’s Grunge & Jam Bands

Aesthetic Analysis - Marc Maron

Converse trainers
$76 –



Peanut Butter Cup

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