Why don’t you like me? Why don’t you like me without making me try?

Few things are as dehumanizing as job hunting.

Let’s face it, this is New York, for every job applicant there are hundreds more clawing at the same scrap of sustenance. As an introvert the act of the interview is particularly painful. While I am fairly confident expressing my qualifications through words the and expertly curated images in my portfolio when it comes down to talking myself up I am at a complete loss. I’ve never been skilled at the art of bragging or kissing ass, both integral in a job interview.

Throughout these past months I’ve realized a few things; I’m not very good at walking in stilettos, a clothes steamer is a good investment and ain’t nobody got time to fill out an online application. If the company can’t even take the time to weed through their own applications that means they aren’t looking at any of them.

I can relate, Mika, I can relate.


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