Sucking and Judging

I’ve shunned blogging for quite some time. I don’t read them and I think the word “blog” itself leaves an odd taste in my mouth. Call me old fashioned but reading on the Internet is hell, I can’t deal with the constant scrolling and obnoxious advertisements. And besides, why should anyone care what I have to say? Do I really need to expectorate my thoughts and feelings on the internet any more than I already do on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or my aging companion Livejournal?

But alas, it seems that everyone I ask is saying yes.
“You should really be blogging if you want to work in magazines.”
“If you don’t you’ll never be published”
“Just look at Tavi for fuck’s sake, you need to blog!”

I don’t know for sure if I’m sold on the idea yet.  There’s an overabundance of this need to create a perfect internet identity and a need to promote that identity at all times even when real people are around. Virtual is equal to organic. My generation is trapped in this state of constant self promotion. We were bred on MySpace and AIM. In our formative years we cultivated a persona and judged our classmates based on who had the sexiest “Top 8” and who had the cutest glittery gifs on their profile. Now, not only are we snapping gratuitous mirror portraits of ourselves in desperate attempt to gain some inkling of social recognition, but we’re going so very disgustingly low to the point where we actually believe the food we are about to shove in our first-world faces is worthy of being immortalized on Instagram. Frankly, I’m sick of pretending to care. I think the genius of comedian Louis C.K. says it best in this quote:

“You’re TWENTY. Which is a mathematical guarantee that you have no skills and nothing to offer anybody in the world. You’re twenty! For two decades you’ve just been taking and sucking up: education and love and food and iPods. Just sucking it up and judging it. You’ve just been selecting and absorbing shit that you didn’t fucking earn, for TWO DECADES.”

In short, this is the digital documentation of me, as a human that is just over two decades in years, sucking up and judging.


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